Main Business Activities

A surveillance camera system, an image record system, remote movie camera machine A remote camera platform system (indoor, the outdoors, underwater), prompter

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. visual equipment distributor

Development and products

The optical system for 2 KŽ¥4 KŽ¥8K cameras / 3D optical system for HD cameras / Lenses for surveillance and for FA cameras / Day¡¡and¡¡night surveillance cameras / Surveillance system and HD image information system / Video controller and video converter / Remote control pan tilt system / Various optical parts / Industrial optics / Other special optics

OptMore¡Ê4K performance PL lens extender¡Ë/ OptMore

¡üOptMore is a 2X extender for 35mm format PL mount zoom and prime lenses
¡üEasy setup with the flangeback adjusting function, no shim adjustment is necessary
¡üOptimized design minimizes optical performance deterioration of the lens


Technical development
of Musashi Optical System Co.,Ltd.

Design, development, manufacturing, and sales of optical products

The optical system for 4K/8K, the color separation optical system for TV cameras, 3D optical system, the optical system for surveillance, The lens for the optical system for FA, the optical system for TV cameras (a mount conversion adapter, a view finder, various filters), the optical system for medical treatments, the optical system for image processing, other special optical systems, and infrared rays, the lens for ultraviolet rays, various industrial lenses

A design, manufacture, sale, and installation of an image information system

The lens, the CCTV lens, FA lens and information camera system selling for Fujinon television cameras, and after-sale service

Product development is our principal axis which is based on the technologies.

We have been challenging new product development through "the application of the existing technology", "the advancement of optical device technology", and "the compound technology". We continue to make the seeds and buds of new contributions to society through the steady activity of improving efficiency, reliability and decreasing the burden on the environment.

¡üHigh performance, compact and light weight lenses for high quality surveillance cameras
¡üHigh precision lenses for FA cameras which correspond to 3CCD and megapixel cameras
¡üDevelopment of other lenses suitable for various purposes and usages.

The lens for surveillance (CCTV lens) and for FA cameras

Surveillance system and HD image information system

We propose systematization of surveillance and HD image information to customers, making full use of our high technology which has been cultivated for the television broadcasting industries.
We also offer consultation, design, construction and maintenance from our company and we are ready to support our customers in various fields according to their requirements.

OEM products

¡üControl unit for digital image shooting and many others.